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Carolanne MacLean - Toronto Fine Artist


Carolanne MacLeanCarolanne MacLean was born in Toronto in 1949. She is a graduate with honours of the Ontario College of Art in Fine Art and has a B.A. from the University of Toronto.


I am motivated to soothe the world through thoughtful introspection. My reflective reaction to life can be seen in the large, scraped, calm, colour-field encaustics with their subdued colour and enigmatic splotches as well as in the small knifed acrylic patches of paint that describe a solo face in the sun.

In my larger figurative paintings and sculptures I am drawn to study one figure, sober, peaceful and contemplative. The delicate edges and artful lines of my pensive botanical watercolours also provide a moment of peace..

I long to create a world where I can feel at peace and a little more in control.

The large size of the encaustics (four by five feet) envelops the viewer in a moody visual field while the intrinsic beauty of the wax with its movement, texture and subtle colour shifts delight the eye. It's the gravity we live in, the drips we know, the tactile presence of rock, leaf, paper.

In the dynamic and dramatic small faces, the scrapes of acrylic paint allow for immediacy and spontaneity springing freely from the subconscious which I hope we all share so that I may comfort others like me.

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